Calling all new entrepreneurs, seasoned sales vets, and those of you too embarrassed to admit you’re in sales.


Pull up a chair. I have news to share.

Despite what you might think,

Sales isn’t complicated. People are.

We’ve all heard that people buy from those they know, like, and trust.

Problem is no one ever told us how to be knowable, likeable, and trustable.
And if I were to ask you, do you want to be that person, your answer would be a resounding YES!

(Hint: It’s all about the relationship.)

0 Sales Myths and Misconceptions & How to Fix Them

Sales Training from the Inside Out

As an entrepreneur, no one will see you if you’re hiding under the desk, too afraid to pick up the phone.

And while you may hate to admit it, you realize that without sales, your business isn’t going anywhere.

Selling begins with becoming visible so people can learn about what you do and the impact you make.

I’m not asking you to be slick or salesy or icky. Au contraire. There’s a more authentic way to be effective at sales.

It’s a method I’ve developed and taught for many years that always makes sales fun, simple, and inevitable.

I call it relationship-sales. Why? Because every sale starts with a connection and a relationship.

Find Freedom through Relationship Sales

Imagine what it would it feel like to have all the sales your business needs to thrive.

More sales = more revenue = the freedom to make choices.

More sales = more revenue = the impact your business can make.

But even more importantly, sales becomes the answer to your WHY.

WHY you got into business in the first place and WHY you care about making a difference.

Sales is the answer to both questions.

When all is said and done, sales gives you choices.


I’m Mair Hill.

Queen of Relationship Sales (Self-appointed, yes, but none-the-less, totally true!)

Owner of Mair Hill Consulting.

I train entrepreneurs in the art of relationship sales so they can get more sales, more revenue, and authentically grow their business without feeling pushy or manipulative or icky.

I invite you to reframe how you think about sales and instead, see sales for what it really is: creating connections, building relationships, making an impact, generating more revenue, and having a thriving business.

Oh, and of course, having fun!

You may be thinking that building relationships takes time and will result in the sale taking longer. That might be true, but it also means your sales will be stronger, repeatable, and you’ll receive a whole lot more referrals.

Sales doesn’t have to be hard. Or slick. Or salesy. 
And it doesn’t have to make your cringe.

My invitation is for you to crawl out from under your desk, take a deep breath, and jump on a call with me to explore the impact relationship-sales can have on your business.

Some call them Mairisms:


I am beyond grateful that my path crossed with Mair’s. Mair’s joyful, intuitive and direct approach made it easy for me to look into the mirror, so to speak, and see all of the possibilities reflected back at me. From the basics to the more complex, Mair guided me toward a happier, more fulfilling path. I was at a crossroad with my career when I met Mair, and I am thrilled to say that my career and my business are flourishing. Everyone needs a Mair in their life – she is a game changer.

Karen Collins
Bisousweet Confections

It was amazing to discover that personal and business relationships are very similar, and that people simply want to feel important and appreciated. Already I am expanding my knowledge of how simple it is to sell. I would recommend this class to anyone because people are always selling something, how rewarding it is to do it well.

Fahtina Alamin