Hi. I’m Mair.

I have a great sense of sell.

I believe that when we use our six senses, sales become inevitable.


Someone once said a salesman never listened himself out of a sale. Silence is very powerful if you’re the one in charge.


Avoid the bitterness of a slick sales pitch by using your authentic words. You do YOU better than anyone.


See yourself making an impact on this world because you’re willing to tell others about what you do.


Sell successfully without feeling pushy or salesy or icky


It stinks when you believe you have to be someone other than YOU to be successful.


By focusing on the nuances of relationship-selling, it’s the authentic human connection that naturally generates sales. No “closing” required.

Hey There. I’m Still Mair Hill…

And I’m proud to say I’m a salesperson. I love sales.

I’ve been in sales my whole life.

Unfortunately, I know too many salespeople who are embarrassed to admit it. The image of the smarmy used car salesperson still looms large.

I know what it means to wear all the hats of an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, your ability to make your impact in this world relies on sales to grow and sustain your business.

Unfortunately, if you’ve never been properly trained in sales, when the fear of rejection dominates your thoughts, it’s too easy to ignore this all-important task.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

My SuperPower is to show people how to take the angst out of selling so you can build your business and make the impact you know is possible.

One confident sale at a time.

mair hill your sales lab

My sixth sense of selling is:

  • Making the entire sales process simple.
  • Starting a conversation by saying hello.
  • My intuitive ability to hone in on the problem I can solve.
  • My ability to see around corners to anticipate what’s coming.
  • Caring about my customer as a person, instead of a way to meet my quota.
  • All about the relationships.
0 Sales Myths and Misconceptions & How to Fix Them

I’m Not the Norm… aka My Unique Sales History

  • I held the troop record for selling the most Girl Scout cookies.
  • My first business was called Tickle Your Fancy – I made feather jewelry. (Yes, I know, but I did.)
  • I built and developed a manufacturer’s rep sales agency in the gift industry, trained over one hundred sales reps, and grew it into a multi-million-dollar business.
  • When I attended the The Fund Raising School, I was (legit) the only volunteer who paid my own way to be there. It’s still sales – just a different ask.
  • Everyone says civility is dead but common courtesy and mutual respect informs how I teach, train, and maneuver through this life. It has for decades and always will be.

We Could Hang Together

  • I’m a total introvert – ask me to walk into a room where I don’t know anyone and it’s a tall ask. But ask me to talk on stage in front of that same group and I’m totally in my element.
  • I haven’t had a boss in more than three decades.
  • I’m the mom of three amazing men and have been married to my first husband for almost forty years.
  • I’m Virgo with Scorpio Rising which means I can “instantly see the grain of sand which could jam the most sophisticated machinery.” (Well said, Astrotheme!)
  • Each year I bake thousands of cookies for college students, and they all leave my house within 24 hours (or else I’d eat them!) I always share my recipes.
  • When I was fluent in French and Spanish, I hitch-hiked around southern Europe and quickly learned to say no firmly, but politely to all the male drivers who wanted to end the drive with a kiss. (Hey, it was a different world back then.)
  • My favorite season is autumn…cool mornings and warm afternoons. It’s more about socks and sweaters than the leaves.
  • None of these is life-changing, but they are a few reasons why people like to hang out with me.

Mair Hill
Queen of Sales

(Yup, I’m claiming it)

I’m not what you might expect because my relationship-based sales training is not what you’d expect either.

I started teaching and training relationship sales long before the term “life coach” was even a thing.  My life experiences quickly made me realize that I could specialize in sales and sales training. So I did.

And now, when I take a reluctant entrepreneur by the hand and show them how to make sales fun, simple, and inevitable, I get great pleasure in watching their profound AHA moment.

My invitation to you is to make the leap from your old definition of sales into the new arena of relationship selling. I promise you; you’ll get to the point when it doesn’t even feel like sales anymore.

To in get in touch with me and learn how you can “make the leap,” click the link below.