Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Sales Mastery

[Sales] Freedom through Relationships

Are you an entrepreneur who grinds through the sales process?

Do you find yourself avoiding sales? Maybe even running away altogether?

Are you a scaredy cat that would rather hide under your desk than pick up the phone?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to learn my signature relationship-based selling system that will transform your sales experience from painful to pleasant so that you can achieve your revenue goals and enjoy a profitable business.

The lessons in Simple Sales Secrets are known by some but practiced by few. Incorporating them into your daily sales routine will automatically elevate you above your competition. Simply. Effectively. Profitably.

This course is designed to teach you the art of sales by giving you the tools you need to create a strong foundation with your potential clients and strengthen the foundation you already have with your current clients.

Whether you have known them for three minutes or three years, the nuances of how you treat your clients will ultimately determine the magnitude and longevity of your success.

Simple Sales Secrets will give you the tools you need to embrace the sales process and grow your business at least 20% in the next six months.

Simple Sales Secrets is called that for a reason. They. Are. Simple.

By the end of our time together, you will be so comfortable with the sales process, you may even LOVE it. You’ll certainly question why you avoided it for so long.

You will understand what it takes to create, strengthen, and maintain strong customer relationships that will yield repeat sales. More sales!

What will it feel like to realize your biggest revenue goals? To be truly – and consistently – profitable? To know the product or service you offer is making an impact on this world because more people know about it? Because you’re finally willing to sell it properly and authentically!

mair hill your sales lab

Meet your trainer, Mair Hill

From holding the troop record for selling the most Girl Scout cookies to smashing all the sales records at her first “real” job out of college to beginning her career as a manufacturer’s rep as “Rookie of the Year” to starting her own multi-million dollar sales agency in the gift industry, Mair Hill has a proven track record of outstanding success in sales.

Through her secret sauce of relationship selling, Mair has spent thousands of hours personally training over one hundred salespeople to not only excel in sales but to love the process. Those who followed her training easily earned six figures and those who didn’t moved on rather quickly.

Mair now works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to transform them from sales avoiders to sales avengers. Her mission is to redefine how entrepreneurs think about selling so that they can get more sales and feel the freedom a profitable business creates.

Simple Sales Secrets Will Teach You:

Mod 1 – Know, Like, & Trust:

It’s common knowledge that people buy from those they Know, Like, & Trust. Learn five simple strategies to become knowable, likeable, and trustable to earn repeat sales.

Mod 2 - Enthusiasm:

Learn which ten seconds of your sales call are the most crucial and how to make them count. Plus learn how to show up enthusiastically even if you’re not feeling enthusiastic.

Mod 3 – Be Professional:

Learn the different layers of BEING professional. It goes beyond just what you look like. It’s an attitude. Whether in person, or in a virtual space, presenting yourself as a professional sets you apart from your competition.

Mod 4 – Art of Asking Questions:

You’ll learn the ONE question that can simply start any conversation. You’ll also hone your question-asking skills to craft the perfect question so your buyer will tell you exactly what they are looking for – the sale becomes inevitable.

Mod 5 – Communication:

What you don’t say can impact your sale as much as what you do say. Learn to be precise with the message you convey to your customers for better understanding and stronger relationships.

Mod 6 – Follow-Up:

Without following up, you’re leaving money on the table. Learn when, why, how, and with whom to follow up for maximum sales results. Not all customers are created equal.

Mod 7 - Customer Service:

The sale doesn’t end just because the customer has signed on the dotted line. Learn the often-ignored component of customer service that lets everyone shine! You will cement your status with your customers as someone they know, like, and trust and build the loyalty which ensures repeat sales.

Learn at Your Own Pace

  • All course work and videos housed on a gamified platform – What fun!
  • Each time you complete a module, a new module will be released automatically.
  • Each module contains three training videos (from 8-13 minutes in length)
  • Lifetime access to the course material

Get Started Now!

Choose the payment plan that’s right for you.

1/3 at sign up, 1/3 two weeks after first payment,
1/3 two weeks after second payment

*If you show up to class, participate in the group coaching calls, and turn in your work and you aren’t completely satisfied by the end of the second module, notify me in writing by midnight April 2, 2022 and I will refund your money.

No questions asked. Easy peasy.


It’s Rewarding to Sell Well

Before learning Simple Sales Secrets, I felt stagnate. I was not confident in my ability to retain customers or reach the financial growth I had projected for my business. Now that I’ve learned the value of creating business relationships, it has been easier for me to make business and personal connections. Listening for the opportunity to service a need has helped me sign two new clients after the completion of Simple Sales Secrets.

Fahtina Al Amin
Family Threads

Mair inspired me to be good to myself

Mair inspired me to go the extra mile, for myself, my clients, my friends, and my family. She also inspired me to be good to myself, to celebrate all the little wins throughout the day, and to cultivate enthusiasm for my own life and passions. I have already put into practice the wealth of knowledge Mair has shared, and it has truly had a ripple effect in throughout my life.

Lily S
Lily Shemo
Yoga with Lily

I’m Excited and Exhilerated!

Before Simple Sales Secrets, in my business I was overwhelmed and stagnant. After taking the class, I am excited and exhilarated about my business. Mainly because my “job” no longer feels like a job, but a career.  The positive response and smiles that I receive back, because of what I learned in the class are very welcome and make me so happy.

Helen Feykes
Inside Sales Manager
Data Clean Corporation

Mair Makes the Complex Seem Simple

I took Simple Sales Secrets to improve my sales knowledge and skills and to ultimately do my very best for myself, my vendors and my customers. At first Simple Sales Secrets was deceptively simple and then I really understood the depth of Mair’s knowledge. The class exceeded expectations. Mair makes the complex seem simple. I came to class loving my job but I love it even more now because I am more professional in my approach and follow through.

Monica Abed
Independent Sales Rep
Gift Industry

I was in a Rut and Didn’t Realize It

I thought I was good at my job. I realized I was mediocre. I’m looking forward to being great! The class showed me that I made choices on how to handle my customers years ago and never questioned whether it garnered the results I wanted. I was in a rut and didn’t even realize it.

Krishna Bell
Technical Sales Rep
Acumen Technology, Inc.

Simple Sales Secrets is PERFECT for you if:

You’re an entrepreneur or small business owner whose business relies on sales to be profitable. You’re currently wearing all the hats and you’d rather create than sale. (You’d rather do just about anything other than sell!) So you avoid it.

You know more sales would make you more revenue and more profit and that would make you more happy…and yet you still avoid it.

But you’re ready to face reality and seek a solution to your sales avoidance.

You’re ready to transform

  • from sales avoider to sales avenger
  • from sales chicken to sales champion
  • from sales wimp into sales winner
  • from…I think you get the idea

Bottom line: You’re ready to embrace the sales process.

Simple Sales Secrets is NOT for you if:

  • You think you know everything already.
  • You refuse to try something new because it seems too simple. Too easy. Too basic.
  • You’re not willing to commit 100% to the work and to your fellow classmates.
  • You’re not willing to take the process seriously.
  • You’re someone who gives up easily, blaming the system for your lack of success.
  • You take yourself too seriously and refuse to have fun.

Questions? Grab a spot on my calendar – I’d love to answer them!